Fuel Max Story

Fuel Efficient Tires

Goodyear fuel-efficient tires are an excellent fuel saving option, and offer confident wet and dry traction. Over the life of each set of fuel-efficient tires, thousands of miles worth of gas are saved due to a low rolling resistance.


  • Fuel-Saving Tread Compound Helps Save up to 2,600 Miles Worth of Gas over the Life of Four Tires**
  • Wet Tread Zone Helps Evacuate Water Away from the Treadface for Great Traction on Wet Roads
  • Dry Tread Zone Helps Enhance Handling and Grip on Dry Pavement
  • Eligible for a 65,000 Mile Tread Life Limited Warranty.



How Tires Are Made

Goodyear tires are made using different kinds of rubber that contribute distinct properties to the tire. Professional inspectors and specialty machines inspect each tire to ensure every one is the highest quality.

Our Expert Legacy

For over 100 years we’ve been creating innovative products and services that set the technology and performance standards for the industry.

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